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Redwood wine barrel from the Olivia White Hospice Garden. Contains sweet alyssum, callibrochia, purple sage, silver brocade, lobelia, & pennisetum.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Raised Beds at Olivia White Gardens

Containers can be raised beds. At Olivia White Hospice Home we added a variety of raised beds for residents with physical limitations who want to help in the garden. We have a standing herb/lettuce bed, a sitting vegetable bed, as well as other medium height beds (horse and sheep troughs, tomato self-watering pots, and a ground raised bed). These have all worked well and were reasonably priced except for the sitting raised bed which was built by design with redwood and has a special liner for endurance.

Self-Watering Tomato Pots
These are on the ground, but can be raised on cinder blocks for easier use by those with physical limitations. The two on the left are from Gardener's Supply and the one on the right is from Earth Box (Grow Box is another brand). Plants can be planted early and the cages covered with Remay (frost cloth). This will protect to 28 degrees and probably lower. I have tried walls of water but find them more difficult to manage when the plant grows (getting them off). The tomatoes love these pots (self-watering) where their roots are wet and the tops sunny and dry. Less water is used with watering from the bottom, because the wind does not dry the pot out as quickly.

Variety of Raised Beds
Several of our raised beds before planting - silver horse trough, sitting raised bed, and ground raised beds. These were all planted with vegetables and fruit. The right bottom needed a hoop cover to keep the critters out. The horse trough was planted with strawberries and the deer were nibbling, so a chicken wire cage was placed around the pot and it was covered. It worked effectively saving our strawberries.

Sitting Bed Planted

Small Raised Bed with Native Rock
 It was built up in back to provide even drainage. It was a paw shaped bed created for Zane our long time therapy dog. It was planted with dogwood and a variety of golden flowers. Hardscape includes his water dish, a paw print paver and a trellis. The photo on the bottom is from 2012. The backdrop is a birdhouse trellis with a small pet memorial area in front (engraved pavers).

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