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Redwood wine barrel from the Olivia White Hospice Garden. Contains sweet alyssum, callibrochia, purple sage, silver brocade, lobelia, & pennisetum.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sensory Pots from the Olivia White Gardens

At the Olivia White Hospice Home one of our first projects was to add some large sensory pots along the sidewalk for residents in wheelchairs to interact with. We have a Touch, Aroma, Color, and  Taste pot (see photos below).
Color Pot
Aroma Pot
Touch Pot
Taste Pot
Most of the plants in these pots are perennials and they return each spring. Some annuals are added for a bit more color and to fill the pots as needed. Large signs are placed in the pots to tittle the theme of the pot and encourage interaction.. Small signs are added to detail the list of plants. Both are laminated for weather and attached to stakes. The pots are 24 inches by 24 inches which is a good height for most wheelchairs. We have used plastic due to our cold winters, and dry springs in Flagstaff. They last about 5 years and then do begin to become brittle and crack. The bottom half is filled with rock for stability and to avoid wasting soil. They are placed on 3 bricks placed in a triangle to allow drainage. Contact for a list of plants.

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